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So, I haven’t written alot in my blog this week, actually not at all. That’s because I was having fallbreak, and as you may or may not know, my breaks are always boring. So if I write this now, on the last he of the break, I have more to write than that I write when nothing has happened anyway. 😛

Fallbreak has unofficially started for me, because I had no lessons on Friday. And on thursday the stores in Stad are open till 21.00 instead of 18.00 and most of the people go out on Thursday and Saturday evening/night. So I asked Cynth to go with me, another old friend (Sander) whom I haven’t spoken for at leats 6 months told me on msn he would be in stad too but I didn’t see him too bad. So Cynth and I went biking to Stad. And when we got there Cynth was like, “I want candy” So we went to the candystore Jamin and she spent 12 Euro’s there! Oh yeah, I took some pictures of the candy and her and Cynt with the candy. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting It makes me drooling even just looking at it. So we had enough food for that night and the day after. Then Cynth was like, I feel like alcohol. So she got us a breezer in a can! :O Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting And eating candy at the same time 😛 (I violently bit off that head of that mouse) And then we went wandering around, and there was no fuckin thing to do, so we went to the snackbar, I got fries and Cynth got something… That I don’t remember it’s name of. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and then that night we went to Anne’s old house and a man openend the door and Cynth asked:”Is this the house of Anne?” And he was like:”No” And then we biked away, and at the busstop I thought I saw someone who looked like my other old friend who I haven’t seen for at least 8 months and then we decided to have a sleepover at Cynths house.

We had done practically nothing on that day but writing a story almost on the end of the day. The story that I posted in my first or second post here. The rest of that day you can read there, and… Oh my god, now I;m thinking I think I have written about these two day’s already in that post! Well, I didn’t have the pictures then.

We went to stad again, to “shop”. The new Toys ‘r rus opening was on that day, and it’s so cool! In the beginning I didn’t want to go in, but when I saw those fluffies, I couldn’t resist!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This was the day we would go to the Grudge 2 insetad of on Halloween. We watched the Grutched 1 in cynth’s room. And I got really scared and I didn’t want to go to The Grudge 2 anymore. But she pushed me to. So we did, eventually. We sat there in the cinema, and I was like SCARED TO DEATH! And all Cynth could do was LAUGHING because she apparenly found it FUNNY that I was scared!

Well. Yeah that was like my fallbreak, at least my fallbreak with cynthia. 😛
The other days were like, boring. Oh yeah I entered my Chapter one on Harperteen Fanlit contest. Here’s my version. Oh yeah, due to the 6,500 caracter limit, it turned out pretty stupid. I had more description but had to delete it all, in order to be able to submit it. 😦

Jane was daydreaming about her prince on the white horse; Max. She looked up from where she was sitting and saw it was Catherine, her best friend.
“So, are we gonna have fun or not?” Catherine gave Jane her hand, as an invitation.
“Yeah, but…”
“Not but’s!” And Catherine pulled Jane away from the other people who were sitting too, not having fun.
“Catherine!” Jane didn’t expect her to pull her in the crowd. She didn’t know anyone, and besides most of the people were like at least 3 or 4 years older than her.
“Come one Jane! You have been sitting since we got here. Let’s have fun!”
“Let’s dance people!” She heard the DJ’s voice.
And everyone started to get wild and Jane felt like she was the only one who didn’t know how to dance. She saw Catherine dancing with her boyfriend, and when Jane was looking Catherine saw her trying to get away, but Catherine got her arm and to make sure she wouldn’t go, she danced with her.
“But I don’t know how to dance!” tried Jane.
“So do I not!”
“It doesn’t look like it!”
“What? I can’t hear you! The music is getting louder!”
Jane gave up and she tried to dance. She was a bit stiff in the beginning, but after a few minutes she figured it out. She got more and more wild and she had a great time. She danced a lot but she didn’t see her great crush; Max. She couldn’t find him but she knew that he had to be at this new school year’s opening dance, because she saw him buying his ticket.
“Who are you looking for?” She heard a voice in her ear talking.
“Wow, Catherine, you scared the hell out of me.”
“Well, I can’t help it, you stood there like you lost someone.”
“Oh…” Jane couldn’t find an answer to that. If she told Catherine. It’s something that she never want people to mess with, because the last time she did, and that was on her primary school, her friend tried to hoop her up with her crush. She only ended up with embarrassing moments and painful experiences with telling who her crushes were to her friends.
“Oh…,” Jane repeated. “I think I saw a teacher, but I am not sure.”
Catherine gave Jane a weird look.
“Let’s go to the lady’s room.” Catherine pulled Jane with her.
When they got in there were three girls standing in front of their mirror putting their make up on and at the same time giggling and apparently talking about their crushes.
Catherine took Jane by her shoulders and asked “Okay, what is going on Jane? You have been acting like this since a month ago.”
“What are you talking about, Cath? There is nothing really!”
“Oh, so you mean dancing like wild and then standing still is nothing?”
“Well, I have told you before, I thought I saw a teacher walking around.”
“So?! What do you care if a teacher is walking around? You are not illegal here right?”
“No… But,- Okay, how do you mean, acting strange since a month ago? I think I am acting perfectly fine.”
“How about, you always have to check where you take your seats during the lunch, and even if you already sit you need to change of place anyway? And when I was talking to you that day, right when you was taking your books out of your locker you suddenly turned red-faced and I couldn’t get a word out of from your lips?”
Jane felt like she got caught. Shall she tell Catherine about Max? She doesn’t want to be humiliated again. She doesn’t want to risk that, but if she doesn’t there will be no one else to talk about her crush on Max.
“Okay, you got me. That’s because I got a crush on someone” she said softly so the other three girls wouldn’t hear it.
Catherine got all excited. “Who???”
“Max Gunner” Jane whispered in her ear.
“Who? I don’t know him what grade is he in?”
“I don’t know. I think he is couple of years older than me.”
“Show him to me!” Catherine said excited.
“Okay, but promise me you won’t do anything stupid.” Jane said seriously.
“Okay promised.”
They walked out of the bathroom and then Jane saw him immediately. He was standing at the punch bar.
“There he is!” Jane said to Catherine.
“Oooh that guy! He looks so cute!”
Jane blushed. “yeah, he does.”
Catherine rushed to the bar and she took a seat next to Max.
“Hi” Catherine gave Max a sweet smile.
“Er… Hi?” Max gave her a vacant look.
“Have I ever introduced you to my great friend Jane?” Catherine pulled Jane to her who was trying to get away.
“Uhm, no. Sorry, I don’t think I know you two.” Max walked away and accidentally hit a bottle of orange juice and all the juice came on Jane’s new blouse. All she could feel was humiliation and her face got red and she the first thing she wanted to do was to run away. She was really hurt by Catherine. Her best friend! How could she? She looked at Catherine.
Catherine saw that Jane was really hurt. “I’m sorry” she said.
All Jane could hear was, get out of here get out of here. And then she ran away. Max stood there, not knowing how much Jane was hurt.
Jane ran to home, and she could feel how the next school day would start. Everyone would laugh at her and pointing fingers in her direction.

As she arrived at her house and she looked at the clock; it was almost 12 she had to be home an hour ago! She saw her parents sitting on the couch. Not again, Jane thought. As if it wasn’t enough for tonight!
“Jane!” Jane’s father’s voice sounded harsh and strict.
“Yes?” Jane slowly walked to the living room where her parents were sitting and worrying about her.
“You are late! What have you been doing? What is that on your shirt! Get clean!” Jane’s father stood up and pointed with his finger to the stairs, indicating she should take a shower. “You will be grounded for a week.”
“But-” Jane couldn’t say any more.
“NOW!” her father screamed.
Her mother sat there like she agreed to her father. Her mom said: “It’s for your own sake dear, who knows you might have been kidnapped!”
“But mom…”
Afraid to cause more trouble she walked upstairs to her room with a great resistance.

In her room, she looked in her closet for her clothes.
“Why do they always have to make my days worse than it already was? Max will NEVER talk to me again!”
She looked into the mirror that was on the door of her closet. She hated the way she looked now, her blouse is orange and her hair became all curly because it was raining. She hated that she liked Max, she should never have told Catherine about him! And not to mention her parents… Why are they always so overprotective? She only lived a 5 minutes walk away from school! As if anything bad could happen to her. She has lived here for 12 years and nothing serious bad has happened! This town is so boring.
“Indeed” Jane’s reflection in the mirror said to her.

Okay, so today I woke up at like 8, 9, 10 and 11 o’ clock because I set my alarm (mobile) every hour. Since I have the habit to wake up at 14:00, I decided to get up earlier, to use my time, usefull. Instead of sleeping. And also because Cynth is going with me to Stad, and she would pick me up around noon, but I just got online, and she said something that she had to write a letter in order to get a job (okay, forgot what that is called again).
I am going to stad (the… place with malls and shops,) with Cynth. And she can be here at any moment.

Oh yeah last night, I voted for number 5 on that story contest forum right, so I had to get off the computer, and I was sooo inspired! So I wrote (with my hand!!) a story! But I think if I finish it, or continue with it, it’s gonna be like euuugghh like all my stories end up. Sucky.
And my right arm is like tired like hell because I had to scrub this thingy, that my mom told me to. And I was like, oh my god! And I got it really clean! And on the end she was like that I didn’t made the kitchen clean, you know the sink and stuff. and I was like! I did so! And she was complaining about how messy I am, but at least I did my BEST on that stupid pan (pan, pane?) and I just forgot to throw away the dirty stuff of it.
And I don’t think she has the right to complain.

So my right arm is like so tired. Even more tired than when I have to play that piece of erhh.. Ouverture 1812 you know. It goes so friggin fast. Oh my god.
Okay, Cynth is not here yet. I bet she will be in 10 minutes.

I want to go to a drum ‘n Bass party with my friends celebrating my 18th birthday, but then again, I don’t want to be one of those who celebrates it’s birthday like… a 14 year old girl, like OMG IM 18!!

Oh yeah, I just looked at the title of this blog, and I remember what I wanted to write again. I have like a onedayinaweek job. I have to spread flyers/menu’s of my mom’s friend’s restaurant. And she said (my mom), that I might be paid good too. But it’s probably like, on a sunday’s job.
But I want like a cool job too, you know. Like a cassiere, but whenever I have a job interview I never get accepted or something O.o I don’t understand why, because I never say that I am lazy or stuff. And because I don’t have cassiere experiences doesn’t mean that I can’t learn it. Oh my god, as if it’s so hard! But I have passed that phase now. I don’t want to be a cassiere anymore as much as I used to be. 😀

So last night I just wrote that story, and then my mom and my brother went sleeping so I went watching tv, and then I saw the O.C. And I was like, oh ym god, I need to get out too! And get more assertive. And I remember I said that to Cynth, and she was like, “YEAH! You need to get more assertive (i think it’s like, an attitude or something). And less shy in public areas.
So, that’s about it now.
Oh yeah, I wanted to curl my hair, but then again, my hair is so straight the curls will uncurl within 10 minutes 😛

Oh my god. I just re-read the story in my previous post, it sucks so hard. It is so ugly! I am cursed, I never will be able to write stories, of which story lines and sentences goes fluently, and prettyfull.

Ok, so I read Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries. Part 3. I love the series so much! And all day I was thinking like, if I could write like her… You know. So I went to Meg Cabot’s site ( and then I was checking out the other Princess Diaries books. Oh my god. I love Michael Moscovitz. I love him! Oh my god! Well, not that he is a real person, but if there is anyone who is like him….! As if I’m gonna tell!.

Okay, so I went to that website, and I saw that banner for a writing contest; Harper Teen Fanlit or something. And I clicked on it, and I was like, I am soooo gonna join! So me and Cynthia (or Cynth as she prefers to be called) are joining it! Well, she only participated because I wanted to. I want her to because… I don’t know. It is much more fun with two people instead of in your own (plus the whole world wide internet population). -see that new banner on the left side?
These are the subjects we have to vote for. (The subjects that we are gonna write our story about)

1. Straight-up chick-lit: A girl and her popular sister have to start over at a new school in a small, exclusive beach town. She’s used to being the “other” sister. But when the popular crowd embraces her over her sister, where will her loyalties lie? Author Examples: Jodi Lynn Anderson (Peaches), Catherine Clark (Maine Squeeze), Maureen Johnson (The Key to the Golden Firebird), Louise Rennison (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging)

2. Paranormal: She always felt like she didn’t fit in with the rest of her plain-Jane family, and now she’s starting to think she was on to something. When the reflection in her mirror first started talking back to her, our heroine thought she was going crazy. But the voice in the mirror seems to know a lot about her, her family, her true origins… and it’s all beginning to make a lot of sense. Author Examples: Meg Cabot (Mediator, Avalon High), Melinda Metz (Fingerprints)

3. Romance: On the last day of summer, boy and girl meet at their younger siblings’ out-of-town sporting event. Thinking they’ll never see each other again, they each tell a few white lies about who they are, only to discover the next day that one of them is the much-anticipated new kid in the other’s school. Author Examples: Rachel Vail (If We Kiss), Hailey Abbott (The Secrets of Boys), Rachel Hawthorne (Thrill Ride)

4. Action adventure/mystery: The star soccer player’s whole team gets benched because their rival’s mascot has gone missing—and someone has framed her for it. Unless she can find the missing mascot (and figure out who really took it) by the end of the day, they’ll have to forfeit that night’s big game. Author Examples: Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty), Jan Coffey (Tropical Kiss)

5. Gossip and glamour: The queens of an elite private school come back after summer vacation to discover they’ve been dethroned by the former social underdogs who spent their summer spreading vicious lies (and some truths) about them. Which queens will reign supreme—the old rule or the new? Author Examples: Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars), Victoria Ashton (Confessions of a Teen Nanny)

I have voted for the last one! I think that one is going to be so much fun. The stats are:

1) Straight-up chick-lit (11.6%)
2) Paranormal (38.2%)
3) Romance (35.2%)
4) Action adventure/mystery (3.8%)
5) Gossip and glamour (11.2%)
Total votes: 3383

Horrible isn’t? If paranormal wins, we gets stories like stories form Lisette (angst & emo).

Guess who is gonna be in the judge panel? MEG CABOT! OMG I love those books of her so much!

Okay, my mom just told me to get my ass off the computer. Yeah I have spent alot of hours behind here. It took… for so far 8 minutes for writing this. I only want to give you the right impression. 😛 Not that I spend 4 hours writing in my blog.

Does anyone watch that Hong Kong tv drama? “La femme desperado” a.k.a. “女人唔易做”
I love it so much! 😀 I loved the beginning when Raymond tried to “hook up” with Ling (Sheren). And especially that episode when Ling tried to seduce Raymond, in the name of PLUTO! Oh my god,! That was so funny. I just finished watching ep. 19, and I hate the way it turns out, because it’s not fixated on Ling’s and Raymond’s relationship anymore, more like on Ling’s father, brother and Raymond. It’s like I don’t know, everybody turned evil! Oh my god.. I don’t like it as much as I used to anymore :O

Maybe I should really write a story and really CONTINUE with it, because I always give up after the first page. Probably because I just suck at writing and then I hate my writing style, because I try to imitate Per Nilsson’s writing style. Anyone who loves reading, and reads this, try reading one of Per Nilsson’s books. He is a swedish writer, but his books are translated into Dutch, German and erh… so far I know, only these languages.

Chapter one.

Being a female does not mean you have to be stuck to one guy desprately because you need a relationship. You need to make men beg for you. I just got a dozen of red roses sent, do I long for this… guy? No;
Lesson one. Don’t show that you are weak and especially don’t show that you feel anything for them. Unless you really do. Otherwise, you will fall for every guy. Believe me.
This guy, Kenneth. I know his profile. He is divorced, 2 children. His wife left him, moved out of country, took the kids with her and he does not care about the kids, because they came out of his wife uterus. If I would date him, do you expect seeing me married happily to him in 20 years? I don’t think so.

These days good men are rare. A man who shows and really cares about you and who knows how to treat a woman, is very rare. All they want now is sex, and young woman. Ofcourse. As mid-twentier I should know that. Every woman should know that. Don’t you ever let them trick you. Also, naive men are very rare too. Men who don’t know how to be romantic. Those are cute, really.

I have seen many men, and dated many men. All I have learned form that it. Stay strong. Stay fierce. They can hurt you any moment, and if you don’t hurt them back, they leave you. Why? Because you are weak. The only solution to this is to know how men think, and know how to break them. Analyse and then do you thing.
As my knowledge is very important to me, I’ve gained some after 5 years of experience, this information is only selective. The one who deserve it, understands it. The ones who don’t, this is algebra to them.

Kenneth. I will never date you. Sorry darling, but your roses are out of date.!

Ok… how do you think of it so far? I’m like in a Hilda (of La femme depserado) mood. I was typing that, trying to think like her. 😛
Lemme know!
–Ok, gawd. I know I just made this blog today. It’s like sooo no one is gonna read this. As if I got any readers. Should make some friends on here! 😀

I just made a new blog! (In order to get into to get to get more azn’s friends, hahah I’m so pathetic)

I love popcorn, yeah. That’s like about it. I love drawing and writing and reading too, but that doesn’t say how often I do it, so don’t judge people on their likes or dislikes!

Shall I just post a story here that I wrote with my friend? Yeah sure, whatever. As if anyone is gonna read it 😛 (it’s just the first page of Chapter 1) Read the rest of this entry »

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