Does anyone watch that Hong Kong tv drama? “La femme desperado” a.k.a. “女人唔易做”
I love it so much! 😀 I loved the beginning when Raymond tried to “hook up” with Ling (Sheren). And especially that episode when Ling tried to seduce Raymond, in the name of PLUTO! Oh my god,! That was so funny. I just finished watching ep. 19, and I hate the way it turns out, because it’s not fixated on Ling’s and Raymond’s relationship anymore, more like on Ling’s father, brother and Raymond. It’s like I don’t know, everybody turned evil! Oh my god.. I don’t like it as much as I used to anymore :O

Maybe I should really write a story and really CONTINUE with it, because I always give up after the first page. Probably because I just suck at writing and then I hate my writing style, because I try to imitate Per Nilsson’s writing style. Anyone who loves reading, and reads this, try reading one of Per Nilsson’s books. He is a swedish writer, but his books are translated into Dutch, German and erh… so far I know, only these languages.

Chapter one.

Being a female does not mean you have to be stuck to one guy desprately because you need a relationship. You need to make men beg for you. I just got a dozen of red roses sent, do I long for this… guy? No;
Lesson one. Don’t show that you are weak and especially don’t show that you feel anything for them. Unless you really do. Otherwise, you will fall for every guy. Believe me.
This guy, Kenneth. I know his profile. He is divorced, 2 children. His wife left him, moved out of country, took the kids with her and he does not care about the kids, because they came out of his wife uterus. If I would date him, do you expect seeing me married happily to him in 20 years? I don’t think so.

These days good men are rare. A man who shows and really cares about you and who knows how to treat a woman, is very rare. All they want now is sex, and young woman. Ofcourse. As mid-twentier I should know that. Every woman should know that. Don’t you ever let them trick you. Also, naive men are very rare too. Men who don’t know how to be romantic. Those are cute, really.

I have seen many men, and dated many men. All I have learned form that it. Stay strong. Stay fierce. They can hurt you any moment, and if you don’t hurt them back, they leave you. Why? Because you are weak. The only solution to this is to know how men think, and know how to break them. Analyse and then do you thing.
As my knowledge is very important to me, I’ve gained some after 5 years of experience, this information is only selective. The one who deserve it, understands it. The ones who don’t, this is algebra to them.

Kenneth. I will never date you. Sorry darling, but your roses are out of date.!

Ok… how do you think of it so far? I’m like in a Hilda (of La femme depserado) mood. I was typing that, trying to think like her. 😛
Lemme know!
–Ok, gawd. I know I just made this blog today. It’s like sooo no one is gonna read this. As if I got any readers. Should make some friends on here! 😀