I just made a new blog! (In order to get into ricebowljournals.com to get to get more azn’s friends, hahah I’m so pathetic)

I love popcorn, yeah. That’s like about it. I love drawing and writing and reading too, but that doesn’t say how often I do it, so don’t judge people on their likes or dislikes!

Shall I just post a story here that I wrote with my friend? Yeah sure, whatever. As if anyone is gonna read it 😛 (it’s just the first page of Chapter 1)


“I know all of you are all in your teenage years, but we will not tolerate raging hormones at this school,” Mrs. Taylor said through the microphone on the first day of the new school-year. A slutty girl with dyed blonde hair couldn’t help but giggle with her new found friends. Her overly religious father signed her up for a year at St. Florence boarding school after he found out his young daughter was sexually active with a boy in his twenties.

The older girls, who had already spent several years at the academy, didn’t even pay attention to Mrs. Taylor zero-tolerance drill. They were too busy whispering with each other, discussing the latest news. They had learned where to sit and how to whisper to not let Mrs. Taylor notice you.

Even at boarding schools, you have your average typical teenage groups. But one group stood out from the rest. One group was feared by the rest. One group got in trouble the most. One group was still stereotypical even with the uniforms. That one group Constance Cunningham kept an eye on for all of the 50 minutes she’d spent at St. Florence. Just like the slutty girl, she was all new to the boarding school environment.

Constance was a young, vulnerable changing girl who was battling with who she was and where she belonged. She just wanted to be normal for a while. And having found two normal friends, she thought things would work out just fine.

Li Mei and Billie were sitting next to Constance, and that made Constance think they were friends. However, Li Mei and Billie paid more attention to each other than to their new friend. They were friends since age 4, when they attended kindergarten together. Their mothers met, talked everyday when they came to pick up their children, and got along just fine. They grew up three streets apart from each other and were best friends for life. Constance could tell by the way they talked, and wanted to be part of their friendship. Billie and Li Mei were open to new people, but had been friends for too long to just be best buddies with a new person. They’d give her a chance, though, they thought. As long as Constance didn’t annoy them too much.

“So,” Billie whispered, turning to Constance for once. “What’s your name again?”

“Constance, but I hate it,” she replied in a shivering voice, scared to death Mrs. Taylor would notice. She began the speech by telling the students to keep their lips sealed and not make a sound.

“I’d hate that name too,” Li Mei laughed.

“Oh, but my friends call me Connie.”

Li Mei nodded, “that sounds much better.”

“Okay Constance,” Billie replied.

“Connie!,” Connie said a little too loud. Everybody heard it, everybody turned to face her, everybody saw her cheeks get red from embarrassment.

Billie grinned as Mrs. Taylor took a notepad from the table next to her. “You’re so dead,” Billie whispered.

Connie took a deep breath.