Okay, so today I woke up at like 8, 9, 10 and 11 o’ clock because I set my alarm (mobile) every hour. Since I have the habit to wake up at 14:00, I decided to get up earlier, to use my time, usefull. Instead of sleeping. And also because Cynth is going with me to Stad, and she would pick me up around noon, but I just got online, and she said something that she had to write a letter in order to get a job (okay, forgot what that is called again).
I am going to stad (the… place with malls and shops,) with Cynth. And she can be here at any moment.

Oh yeah last night, I voted for number 5 on that story contest forum right, so I had to get off the computer, and I was sooo inspired! So I wrote (with my hand!!) a story! But I think if I finish it, or continue with it, it’s gonna be like euuugghh like all my stories end up. Sucky.
And my right arm is like tired like hell because I had to scrub this thingy, that my mom told me to. And I was like, oh my god! And I got it really clean! And on the end she was like that I didn’t made the kitchen clean, you know the sink and stuff. and I was like! I did so! And she was complaining about how messy I am, but at least I did my BEST on that stupid pan (pan, pane?) and I just forgot to throw away the dirty stuff of it.
And I don’t think she has the right to complain.

So my right arm is like so tired. Even more tired than when I have to play that piece of erhh.. Ouverture 1812 you know. It goes so friggin fast. Oh my god.
Okay, Cynth is not here yet. I bet she will be in 10 minutes.

I want to go to a drum ‘n Bass party with my friends celebrating my 18th birthday, but then again, I don’t want to be one of those who celebrates it’s birthday like… a 14 year old girl, like OMG IM 18!!

Oh yeah, I just looked at the title of this blog, and I remember what I wanted to write again. I have like a onedayinaweek job. I have to spread flyers/menu’s of my mom’s friend’s restaurant. And she said (my mom), that I might be paid good too. But it’s probably like, on a sunday’s job.
But I want like a cool job too, you know. Like a cassiere, but whenever I have a job interview I never get accepted or something O.o I don’t understand why, because I never say that I am lazy or stuff. And because I don’t have cassiere experiences doesn’t mean that I can’t learn it. Oh my god, as if it’s so hard! But I have passed that phase now. I don’t want to be a cassiere anymore as much as I used to be. 😀

So last night I just wrote that story, and then my mom and my brother went sleeping so I went watching tv, and then I saw the O.C. And I was like, oh ym god, I need to get out too! And get more assertive. And I remember I said that to Cynth, and she was like, “YEAH! You need to get more assertive (i think it’s like, an attitude or something). And less shy in public areas.
So, that’s about it now.
Oh yeah, I wanted to curl my hair, but then again, my hair is so straight the curls will uncurl within 10 minutes 😛