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Oh my god. I just re-read the story in my previous post, it sucks so hard. It is so ugly! I am cursed, I never will be able to write stories, of which story lines and sentences goes fluently, and prettyfull.

Ok, so I read Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries. Part 3. I love the series so much! And all day I was thinking like, if I could write like her… You know. So I went to Meg Cabot’s site ( and then I was checking out the other Princess Diaries books. Oh my god. I love Michael Moscovitz. I love him! Oh my god! Well, not that he is a real person, but if there is anyone who is like him….! As if I’m gonna tell!.

Okay, so I went to that website, and I saw that banner for a writing contest; Harper Teen Fanlit or something. And I clicked on it, and I was like, I am soooo gonna join! So me and Cynthia (or Cynth as she prefers to be called) are joining it! Well, she only participated because I wanted to. I want her to because… I don’t know. It is much more fun with two people instead of in your own (plus the whole world wide internet population). -see that new banner on the left side?
These are the subjects we have to vote for. (The subjects that we are gonna write our story about)

1. Straight-up chick-lit: A girl and her popular sister have to start over at a new school in a small, exclusive beach town. She’s used to being the “other” sister. But when the popular crowd embraces her over her sister, where will her loyalties lie? Author Examples: Jodi Lynn Anderson (Peaches), Catherine Clark (Maine Squeeze), Maureen Johnson (The Key to the Golden Firebird), Louise Rennison (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging)

2. Paranormal: She always felt like she didn’t fit in with the rest of her plain-Jane family, and now she’s starting to think she was on to something. When the reflection in her mirror first started talking back to her, our heroine thought she was going crazy. But the voice in the mirror seems to know a lot about her, her family, her true origins… and it’s all beginning to make a lot of sense. Author Examples: Meg Cabot (Mediator, Avalon High), Melinda Metz (Fingerprints)

3. Romance: On the last day of summer, boy and girl meet at their younger siblings’ out-of-town sporting event. Thinking they’ll never see each other again, they each tell a few white lies about who they are, only to discover the next day that one of them is the much-anticipated new kid in the other’s school. Author Examples: Rachel Vail (If We Kiss), Hailey Abbott (The Secrets of Boys), Rachel Hawthorne (Thrill Ride)

4. Action adventure/mystery: The star soccer player’s whole team gets benched because their rival’s mascot has gone missing—and someone has framed her for it. Unless she can find the missing mascot (and figure out who really took it) by the end of the day, they’ll have to forfeit that night’s big game. Author Examples: Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty), Jan Coffey (Tropical Kiss)

5. Gossip and glamour: The queens of an elite private school come back after summer vacation to discover they’ve been dethroned by the former social underdogs who spent their summer spreading vicious lies (and some truths) about them. Which queens will reign supreme—the old rule or the new? Author Examples: Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars), Victoria Ashton (Confessions of a Teen Nanny)

I have voted for the last one! I think that one is going to be so much fun. The stats are:

1) Straight-up chick-lit (11.6%)
2) Paranormal (38.2%)
3) Romance (35.2%)
4) Action adventure/mystery (3.8%)
5) Gossip and glamour (11.2%)
Total votes: 3383

Horrible isn’t? If paranormal wins, we gets stories like stories form Lisette (angst & emo).

Guess who is gonna be in the judge panel? MEG CABOT! OMG I love those books of her so much!

Okay, my mom just told me to get my ass off the computer. Yeah I have spent alot of hours behind here. It took… for so far 8 minutes for writing this. I only want to give you the right impression. 😛 Not that I spend 4 hours writing in my blog.

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